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May 3, 2013


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Hi everyone!

:bulletgreen: FireAlpaca 1.0.35 is out Remember to download the newest version if you havenīt already! Also, check out the nifty Japanese site with lots of cute Alpaca illustrations: (if it tries to go back to other language, just go to the top bar and choose the little Japan flag).

:bulletgreen:Weīre past 100 members! You people rock! Itīs awesome that this little group keeps expanding. Share the love! ^o^)/

:bulletgreen: List of shortcut hotkeys Everythingfirealpaca on tumblr compiled a list of shortcuts for FireAlpaca that Iīm sure everyone will find really useful, so Iīm posting it here:

Note: This is a list of Mac shortcuts, please see the reference below. Also, some commands like Quit will not work on PC, so Iīve added the PC one.

"(Cmmd is Ctrl, Delete is Backspace, and Option is Alt on PC):

Cmmd+Option+drag = resize brush

Shift = draw straight line

Cmmd+C/V= copy/paste

Cmmd+X= Cut

V= Move tool

B= Brush tool

E= eraser

Shift+B= Dot tool

N = Fill

G= Bucket

Shift G= Gradient

M= Select

W= MagicWand

S= Select Pen

Shift+S=Select Eraser

I= Eyedropper

H= Hand

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 = Grids

Cmmd+ N= New

Shift+Cmmd+N= New via Clipboard

Cmmd+S= Save

Shift+Cmmd+S= Save As

Cmmd+O= Open

Cmmd+P= Print

Cmmd+K= Environment Settings

Cmmd+W= Close (different from Quit)

Cmmd+Q= Quit (different from Close) On PC use Alt+F4

Cmmd+Z= Undo

Shift+Cmmd+Z= Redo

Option+Cmmd+I= Image Size (different from Canvas Size)

Option+Cmmd+C= Canvas Size (different from Image Size)

Delete= Clear (Not layer clear)

Cmmd+L= Levels

Cmmd+U= Hue

Cmmd+A= All

Cmmd+D= Deselect

Shift+Cmmd+I= Inverse

Cmmd+T= Transform

Cmmd+B= Draw Selection Border

X= Swap Color

D= Initialize (Resets colors back to Black and White)

Cmmd++= Zoom In

Cmmd+-= Zoom Out

Cmmd+0= Fit to screen

Left Arrow Key= Rotate Left

Right Arrow Key= Rotate Right

Up Arrow Key= Release Rotate/Flip

Down Arrow Key= Flip

Cmmd+G= Grid (different from the other grids)

Tab= Initialize (Reset FireAlpaca to Defaults)

Shift+Space+drag = Rotate canvas freely (thanks to salimagination)

:bulletgreen: Doubts/Problems Thread Donīt forget to use it to ask your questions!…
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CreepersInYourCloset Mar 22, 2014  Professional General Artist
AHH thank you so much! But, my zoom in wont work.... Do u have any ideas for how to fix this?
moonpiefsn Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
when i use the magic wand tool and select an area, I want to delete the section I highlight. But the delete button on my keyboard won't work :(. Is there a solution for this?
I use ctrl/cmd +x :)
thanks for the shortcut

and hey, I just got this feature while doing sketching
did you know that with Shift+Space+drag we can rotate canvas continuosly?
I thought FA can't do that before 
but I can smile now :)
Ooooh I just tried it, awesome! Thanks for sharing it! I will add it to the list :D
try crtl shift +
Malregima Jun 21, 2013  Student General Artist
I don't know if you answered this or not but my zoom in short-cut is not working
Is there away to fix it? I re-downloaded the program couple of times and it was no go...
Malregima Jun 15, 2013  Student General Artist
I was looking for keyboard shortcuts because I need my shortcuts to draw
but it wasn't there and I panicked whether or not if i downloaded correctly and i saw FAQ and I was sad...

awesome program
You're welcome! I use shortcuts for everything too. Once you learn them everything goes faster. The problem is when the same shortcut does different things in different programs! xDDD
Malregima Jun 17, 2013  Student General Artist
for some reason, ctrl + doesn't work, ctrl- works though
Should I download it again and see if it works or is there reset menu button in the program?
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