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Hi guys!!!

Woohoo!!! We're entering a new FireAlpaca era!! 2.0!!! :dance:

Here's what's new:

- It is now compatible to brush script (script control brush).
- Preset brush for brush script has been added.
- Marker, Symmetry, Analog-Pen, etc..
- Brush script is quite flexible so please use wisely.
- The max. size of brush is extended to 1000 px.
- Brush Control displays the option menu now.

So what in the world is a Script Brush? From the little I've played with them, it feels more like your regular Photoshop or SAI brushes and they respond to the angle of the pen (in Wacom tablets and others which support this function). When you click on "Add Script Brush" on the bottom of the page, you get the option of adding .bs files without the use of a bitmap. I'm guessing they are vector-based brushes and thus they can become way bigger than a bitmap brush without losing their sharpness.

:star: How to add a Script Brush :star:

1- Download or locate your .bs file
2- Click on the "Add Script Brush" button on FireAlpaca. It's located next to the Add Bitmap Brush button, at the bottom of the Brush Pannel.
3- Select the file you want to use and it's done!
4- Now you can play with the settings, as always, by double-clicking on its name on the list. However, some settings will appear on the Brush Control Pannel, very handy indeed!

To be honest, it's my first time seeing .bs files but a quick Google search produced this fantastic set for MangaLabo. I tried downloading and it worked fine with me:…

Tip: do try the Symmetry brush. So much fun!!!!

Enjoy this update>>

:bulletgreen: What would be a major change you would like to see in new FireAlpaca versions? Let us know! We will forward all replies to the official staff, both on Facebook and the official website.

:bulletgreen: We would like to remind you that we have a gallery system in which we handpick the deviations we want to Feature with every new submission to the other galleries. You can post on any of them instead. Please, don't submit to Featured! Thank you!

:bulletgreen: Forward your questions to the Doubts and Problems Thread. Also, don't forget to check the List of Shortcuts, the Video tutorials compilation post and the Tablet Tips masterpost
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Download FireAlpaca here!!>>
Official FireAlpaca Facebook Page
Official FireAlpaca Twitter (Mainly Japanese)

Download CloudAlpaca here>>
The site is in Japanese, look for the Win & Mac icons on the left


Hi! Welcome to this group dedicated to Fire Alpaca
We love Fire Alpaca! If you love it too, feel free to join or participate~

Doubts & Problems Blog Thread
Questions? Please visit HERE
Also, don't forget to check the List of Shortcuts, the Video tutorials compilation post and the Tablet Tips masterpost.

:bulletred: But what is this Fire Alpaca thing?
Fire Alpaca is a FREE image editing software, simple but really easy to use, and working in both Windows and Mac!
Download it from the official website. Available in English, Japanese, Chinese, Corean, Portuguese, Spanish, German, French, and Russian.

:bulletred: I'm running on Mac and I can't use SAI, can I use Fire Alpaca?
Yes! It works really well in both Windows and Mac. Since it's a lighter, simpler program, it is not a substitute for SAI, but it does include some cool features like pen tool correction and watercolor custom brushes.

:bulletred: I already use Fire Alpaca, how do I join your group?
You can either Join (yay!) by clicking "Join" or you can participate in our galleries as well.

Are you on Tumblr? This is a really cool Fire Alpaca blog, full of tutorials and samples of what other people can do with FA.

:star: Group founder: :iconkotori-chan:

:star: Moderators: :iconmadomon: :iconpridefulangel: :iconstairfell:

Disclaimer: For fans, by fans! This is not an official group by any means,nor does it have anything to do with the company behind Fire Alpaca. I'm just a fan of this program and felt the urge to share the love! So I really can't help it if the servers are down or the program crashes or you want to suggest some new features... please head to the official request box for complaints and suggestions... I do it all the time ;)


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KylieKriss Featured By Owner 23 hours ago  Student General Artist
How do you remove a custom brush?
obtusity Featured By Owner 21 hours ago
Highlight (select) the brush in the brush list, then click the garbage can/rubbish bin button at the bottom of the brush list.

If you cannot see this button, either drag the right edge of the brush list to make it wider, or look for a little double-arrow thingy beside the existing buttons, which will reveal any hidden buttons.
KylieKriss Featured By Owner 20 hours ago  Student General Artist
aaah thanks I didn't read the second half and I was looking and boom double arrows :D thanks alot for the quick response :D
LyricalLark Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist
Does anyone know how FireAlpaca stays free? I love how it's free and hope it stays free but I'm willing to donate to the creators in the future if need be as thanks and to keep it free for young artists like me who couldn't pay for an art program at the time.

I don't even remember how exactly I found FireAlpaca, but I remember searching for a free art program I liked for a long time. I wanted something as intuitive (and lighter!) to use as Sai (didn't like Gimp or photoshop much when I've had the chance to try. worked fine when I was on a PC, but now glad I was forced to ditch it when I switched to Mac (FireAlpaca is still easier to use, just had to do more digging to find it, so many decent free alternatives out there actually, but I feel FireAlpaca is the best one that works on a Mac too)) yet was updated (thanks so much for keeping updating this free program (? is the company just called FireAlpaca?). And such a cute program name too. 
obtusity Featured By Owner Edited 2 days ago
The startup ads (the box that checks for a newer version when FireAlpaca starts) are what keeps it free. The advertisements featured are from the FireAlpaca sponsors. You can also see the sponsors listed on the download page at

There is also an advertisement-free version of FireAlpaca available through Steam for US$39.99

I believe FireAlpaca development is mostly provided by PortalGraphics.Net, the company that makes the commercial OpenCanvas paint program (somewhat like FireAlpaca with many extra features).
I'm having an odd problem where FireAlpaca will sometimes just eat my brush strokes. As in, I draw a stroke using the tablet and there's a random chance that the entire stroke just won't show up (but if it does show up, everything about it works fine, pressure sensitivity and all). This is not a problem with my tablet in and of itself, because it works as it should on a different art program.

I've tried more or less everything I can think of: updating the tablet driver, uninstalling/reinstalling it, uninstalling/reinstalling FireAlpaca, etc. I even went as far as buying a new tablet listed on the tumblr as a tablet which Definitely Works With FireAlpaca (the old one was a Wacom Bamboo One; the new one is a Huion H610) - nope. Same problem. I'm on Windows 8(...point 1, I think?), for the record.

From the searching I've done, no-one else seems to have had this problem, so I'm really at a loss as to what to do. Help? D:
obtusity Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2016

Lots of other art programs are now using the Ink/TabletPC pressure system built into Windows. FireAlpaca is one of the small number of programs still using the older Wintab pressure system that comes in the software provided by each tablet manufacturer. The new pressure system and the new Windows pen services tend to interfere with Wintab pressure detection, sometimes not allowing pressure information through, sometimes not allowing pressure or location through.

1. Install the latest tablet driver software from the manufacturer’s website. If they have a separate Wintab driver, install that as well. Always restart your computer after installing any new hardware support.

2. Some of the new Windows pen services interfere with Wintab. Turn off pen flicks (Windows Control Panel, icon view, Pen and Touch applet). Turn off long press for right-click (turn off the pen version, touch version is OK) or hard press for right-click for your pen (check both the Pen and Touch applet, and any separate tablet or control applet for your pen - e.g. Huion has an icon in the system tray down in the corner near the date/time). If your pen software allows, turn off Ink or TabletPC while using FireAlpaca (if you are lucky, it is a checkbox in your pen software).

See this page for more actions you can try to fix the problem: Fixing tablet pressure problems for FireAlpaca (well, except for Ugee or Kanvas brands, they don’t seem to have compatible Wintab software for FireAlpaca).

3. If all else fails, try MediBang Paint Pro, which is based on FireAlpaca (same paint engine and interface, same file format, no animation feature, extra cloud-based libraries and a few extra non-cloud features). It seems to have better Ink/TabletPC compatibility so it has fewer tablet problems (but as a result, will probably not run on Windows XP as FireAlpaca does).

sillysmartandsuper Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2016  Student Artist
for some reason, the pressure sensitivity isn't working on firealpaca. it somewhat works on medibang, but there's still something wrong with firealpaca, and my tablet. 
obtusity Featured By Owner Aug 15, 2016
Check out Fixing tablet pressure problems for FireAlpaca - particularly the parts about turning off Ink/TabletPC services (if your pen/tablet software offers this option) and turning off incompatible features (in Windows, Control Panel, icon view, look for the Pen and Touch applet and any specific pen/tablet applet - although some tablets put the pen/tablet applet in the system tray, down by the corner with the date and/or time).
Especially turn off pen flicks, and long press for right-click, and (if available as an option) hard-press for right-click, and the pen ripple effect (if an option).
TheTale-Of-Rabiah Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2016  Student Digital Artist
does anyone know if its possible to transfer brushes from Photoshop to Cloud alpaca?
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